How to create your opening

If you have an opening height that is greater than 2260mm we have a range of solutions available from our installation aids section of our website. The guide below will give you instructions on how to use these aids in creating your opening space!

If your opening height is greater than 2260m you will need to use spacer blocks to create your opening. Spacer blocks will build outwards up to 127mm. Opening reducers will build gaps over 127mm and will fit a gap up to 330mm:


If your opening width is greater than one of the standard sizes you can use spacer blocks or opening reducer. Again the blocks will build outwards to 127mm and the reducers over 127mm will fill a gap up to 330mm:



If your opening width needs to allow for a door end panels can be used. These can be purchased from our online shop. They can be scribed to fit against the desired wall and attached using fixing blocks:



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