How to measure up for your doors

How to measure up for your new set of sliding wardrobe doors. If you take a look at the guide below this will give you a clear guide of how to measure up for your new set of sliding wardrobe doors!

To measure for your new sliding doors you need to take 5 measurements. These are A B C D E. Measurements A B C are your three height measurements and D and E are your width measurements.

You need to take three height measurements just in case there is an inconsistency in the height of the room from when the builders built the house or for some reason one part is lower than the other. For your A B C measurements do A just out from your left hand wall, B in the middle of the opening and C where your either having an end panel or if your going wall to wall just off the right hand wall.

You need to follow a similar procedure for the width. Measurements D & E, D should be taken just off the ground around knee height and E should be taken around shoulder height again just to ensure there aren’t any discrepancies in the width from where the builders have got something ┬ábit off.

The diagram below will give you an idea of where to measure. It shows only taking the D measurement but we recommend taking two width measurements D and E just to ensure that the width is identical top to bottom:

measuring up abcde


Not sure how many doors you need? Our doors come in widths of 610mm (24″), 762mm (30″) and 914mm (36″) (depending on door style). The number of doors you require will depend on your opening width and how many doors your looking to have. Take a look at the door matrix below for detailed information on how many doors will fit what sized opening:



Your sliding wardrobe doors will come with detailed instructions on how to install them. Please remember that you must purchase the track set separately. We have a range of track set colour’s available: silver, white and to achieve wood effect colour’s we have stick on facia strips which come in 1800mm lengths. If your opening is greater than 1800mm you will require 2 facia strips.

All sliding door sets are designed to fit a ceiling height of 2260mm as standard but if you need to reduce the gap between your ceiling and the top of your door we have a number of options available to you:

1. Opening height reducers: These can be purchased from our online shop. This neat little accessory enables the gap between the top of the wardrobe and ceiling to be bridged by as much as 460mm. It adjusts from a minimum of 130mm, allowing doors to fit opening heights of 2720mm.

2. Spacer blocks: Another way of bridging the gap is to use spacer blocks – if the ceiling height is between 2272 and 2399mm then these blocks can be used to bring the height down to the 2260mm required.

If your not able to fit wall-to-wall: If you cant fit sliding doors into an enclosed area then you will need to create a false end using an end panel which can be purchased from our online store. Please contact us for details if there is anything you are unsure of.

3. Fixing blocks: Fixing blocks can be used to help you create a false end using plasterboard, mdf or a colour matched decor panel.

See the diagram below for examples of how each of these options works:



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