Measuring Up For Standard Sliding Doors

Measure your ceiling height at three points along the length of the ceiling (Minimum ceiling height 2260mm).

Next measure the width of the opening.

All doors in the standard door range are 2220mm tall and fit an opening height of 2260mm (89"). They are available in 3 widths; 610mm, 762mm and 914mm. The number of doors needed will depend on your opening width.
stabdard door matrix

Your sliding doors will come with detailed instructions on how to install. But please do remember that you will need to get the track set seperatly if you are not ordering from our made up door sets.

Reducing The Gap Between Your Ceiling and the Top of the track

All sliding doors fit a ceiling height of 2260mm as standard but if you need to reduce the gap between your ceiling and the top of the track, don't worry as there are a number of options.

1. Opening height reducer - This neat accessory enables the gap between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling to be bridges by as much as 460mm. It adjusts from a minimum of 130mm, allowing doors to fit opening heights of 2720mm.

2. Spacer blocks - Another way of bridging the cap is to use spacer blocks - if the ceiling height is between 2272 and 2399mm (891/2 and 941/2 inches) then these blocks can be used to bring the height down to the 2260mm required. These can also be used to reduce the opening width to the desired measurement for your sliding doors

If you're not able to fit wall-to-wall - You can fit sliding doors wall to end panel, which can also be purchased from our Installation Aids section on our website